Pulse Secure VPN enhanced to better support hybrid IT environments

The workplace is changing rapidly as employees embrace mobility, applications are in the cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are instrumented for continuous connectivity — and this is affecting how organizations must think about secure access. Regardless of the scenario, organizations want solutions that deliver better productivity for whomever (or whatever) is connecting, a consistent user experience, compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements, and strong end-to-end security.

This is the playing field for Pulse Secure, a company that has built a broad portfolio of access products and services that are available as a unified platform. Pulse Secure has considered practically every use case and has built a range of solutions to solve the secure connectivity challenges that IT organizations face. The company claims to have more than 20,000 customers and a presence in 80 percent of global enterprises — maybe even yours.

Pulse Connect Secure is the flagship VPN product in Pulse Secure’s broader portfolio. Itdelivers secure and optimized access to a rich set of applications and services with client and clientless support for desktop, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Pulse Connect Secure supports mobile initiatives such as BYOD, as well as cloud computing. Rather than having to use multiple approaches for secure access, such as application gateways, cloud access brokers, application wrapping, and cloud authentication, Pulse Connect Secure addresses all those needs with a single solution. It ensures consistent user, role, device, and stateful policy management across computing environments.

Pulse Connect Secure is fully mobile-aware, with features such as certificate-based authentication with an embedded certificate authority and integrated endpoint container. Support for SAML authentication allows enterprises to blend data center and cloud resources into a robust user experience.  

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