Private data centers still alive and kicking

Earlier this month, Cisco updated its Global Cloud Index (GCI), giving rise to a number of news stories that were filled with doom and gloom for corporate IT departments. (Note: Cisco is a client of ZK Research.)

For example, one of the articles stated that based on the GCI, cloud computing would virtually replace traditional data centers within three years. While it’s true public clouds are growing, private clouds are also increasing. It’s a multi-cloud era, as Cisco’s Kip Compton writes.

Traditional data centers are far from dead — they’re evolving

Did Cisco’s GCI indicate that “The Cloud” would kill traditional data centers? Not quite. It’s important to understand the metrics in the GCI and the definition of traditional or non-cloud data centers.

Something that is analogous is the transition that took place when VoIP emerged. One could have issued a headline that stated, “IP telephony to kill telecommunications.” Telecom evolved from TDM to IP, but businesses were able to put more phones in more places, so it actually made the overall market larger because VoIP let businesses do things TDM could not.

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