Plan now for your migration to Windows Server 2019

With the upcoming release of Windows Server 2019 this fall, it’s time for enterprise IT pros who work in Microsoft shops to start planning their migration to the new operating system.

As with any major release, it takes time to get familiar with what’s new and to start getting hands-on experience implementing new features. In this case, the enhancements include improved security and enhanced data-center capabilities.

So far among those who have been experimenting with the Insider Preview of Windows Server 2019 the most areas commonly deployed first are:

  • native Windows Server features
  • data-center-focused components
  • new Windows Admin Center management tools

Native Windows Server 2019 features

The most practical way to approach the migration is focusing on native Windows Server 2019 features, such as Web servers that run Internet Information Server (IIS), HyperV virtual host servers and fileservers. These features rely solely on Windows Server, unlike third-party applications that may require a few additional months while upgrades are written so they can support Windows Server 2019.

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