Parked electric cars will power buildings, researchers say

Power-thirsty data centers could receive a new kind of electricity supply that uses surplus juice found in idle electric vehicles (EVs). It uses the cars’ batteries to augment a building’s grid power.

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology provides a way to store, then subsequently use, energy in commuters’ cars while employees work during the day. It can also supply power when a delivery fleet is parked at night, researchers say.

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Cost savings for building infrastructure could be significant in green-electricity applications, such as solar and wind, which require local electricity storage. Installing the batteries needed for green applications is expensive.

But it’s been a perceived degrading of vehicle batteries that’s been holding the bi-directional V2G tech back, a group working on the problem says. Those researchers now say, though, that the lithium ion batteries won’t deteriorate with a new algorithm-driven system because they’re using special power calculations. In fact, their algorithm will extend vehicular battery life by a possible 10 percent, the researchers say in a University of Warwick press release.

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