Netool network port configuration analyzer; good concept, needs polish

When you get involved in the actual wiring of networks, one of the things you find yourself checking over and over is whether Ethernet ports are actually live along with do they connect to DHCP, is the Internet visible, and so on. Typically you’ll grab your laptop, plug it in and run a few tests but while this works, you might describe it as “sub-optimal” because how often have you tried to do exactly this in a ceiling void? In a cramped comms cupboard? Somewhere in the bowels of a rack? In every one of those situations it’s just time consuming and annoying to have to fiddle around and juggle with your laptop. The Netool network port analyzer aims to be a better tool for doing exactly this.



Netool is a diagnostic tool for testing and discovering information about any given network port on any switch, router or any other network device … Netool is designed to be simple to use and understand. It enables anyone to find network port information … such as DHCP, switch port, switch host name, current VLAN, tagged VLANs and more. Netool also runs ping and other tests on the same port making trouble shooting easier.

The Netool is a small (3.75” by 1.13” square) computer running a stripped-down customized version of Linux that has an Ethernet port on one end, and, at the other end, a micro USB port for charging (it has a 3,400mAh battery which lasts for about 24 hours), a reset button, and a USB for future expansion. It has Wi-Fi built-in which is used to both setting up the Netool as well as in operation. On one face there’s a line of LED’s to indicate status and a power button. That’s it, a clean, simple design.

netool 0Netool

Currently, the Netool can analyze:

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