Looks like Veritas has big plans for data and information management

The world is becoming more dynamic and distributed, and that’s having a profound impact on the vendor landscape.

Some traditional vendors, such as Microsoft were able to make the shift to the cloud and have thrived, although it required dumping Steve Ballmer. Others are stuck in the legacy world and could have a hard time adjusting the business to meet the demands of their customers. For example, Dell-EMC went private to re-tool and in the midst of transforming itself. Time will tell if it’s successful.

One company that I considered to be part of the legacy world is storage management vendor Veritas. It’s essentially still a backup and recovery company. Recently though, the company has made some moves and said some things that make me wonder if there’s something big coming from them.

3 clues Veritas is working on a data and information management platform

Last year, Veritas made an acquisition that I felt flew under the radar regarding M&A news when it purchased a startup called Avni. Avni had been working on a cloud management platform similar to CliQr, which Cisco acquired in 2016. The goal was to essentially virtualize the cloud for seamless application rollouts and to easily move workloads across disparate clouds.   

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