Lenovo, NetApp team up vs. Dell EMC, HPE on storage

Lenovo and NetApp’s storage alliance, joint venture in China, and new series of all-flash and hybrid flash products announced at Lenovo’s Transform event, put them both in a much stronger position in the data center against rivals Dell EMC and HPE.

The storage offerings include two familes, each subdivided into all-fash and hybrid -flash products, jointly developed by Lenovo and NetApp and available now worldwide. Several of the products support NVMe (non-volatile memory express), the extremely fast communications protocol and controller able to move data to and from SSDs via the PCIe-bus standard. NVMe SSDs are designed to provide two orders of magnitude speed improvement over prior SSDs.

The companies say they are committed to working closely together not only on the sales side gloablly, but also in product development. The joint venture in China, meanwhile, was formed to deliver storage products and data management solutions localized for China’s unique requirements and distinct cloud ecosystem, Lenovo executives said.

While Lenovo has a lineup of SAN (storage-attached network), DAS (direct-attached storage) and tape storage products, it’s really not a player in the storage market and so can’t rival Dell EMC and HPE as a complete, one-stop-shop hardware and storage provider.

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