Juniper takes a swipe at Extreme’s network buying spree, plans

It’s not at all uncommon for competitors to snipe at one another but it still makes for good reading and it provides an interesting look into a company’s strategy – and perhaps a signal to a competitor they are in for a fight.

Today’s round comes from Juniper which has a piece of marketing out there that says: “In March 2017, Extreme Networks announced it will acquire Brocade’s data center networking business. This acquisition has hindered Brocade/Extreme’s ability to meet your long-term goals. They can no longer deliver networking solutions that will help you embark on your digital transformation journey. Juniper Networks can.”

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Extreme has been on a roll. Not only did it say it was going to buy Brocade’s data center business, it also said in March it was buying up the network technology of Avaya Holdings– which is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy — for $100 million.

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