Juniper multicloud management software targets enterprise data centers

Facing the reality that many enterprise data-center managers now work in a hybrid cloud environment, Juniper Networks is set to release Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, a software package designed to monitor and manage workloads and servers deployed across networking and cloud infrastructure from multiple vendors.

Enterprises are moving to the cloud for operational efficiency and cost optimization, but at the moment most big companies are operating hybrid environments, which has added to the complexity of managing computing infrastructure.

Juniper is competing with a variety of networking and multicloud orchestration tools from major data center players, including VMware’s NSX, Cisco’s ACI, and HPE’s OneSphere. What’s more, Juniper does not have as big a presence in the data center as some of its rivals, particularly Cisco.

Juniper unveiled Contrail Enterprise Multicloud at its NXTWORK event in December last year, and is now set to come out with the software in a staggered release schedule over the next five months.

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