Intel, Seagate continue push for increased enterprise SSD capacity

The Flash Memory Summit is taking place in the Silicon Valley, and SSD vendors are showing off some impressive new enterprise-scale drives with greater capacity and performance.

Seagate showed off some new products in its Nytro line with 3D NAND, raising capacity four-fold, and also showed off a PCI Express-based card with 64TB capacity. Conveniently, the company did not give the price. 

Seagate Nytro 5000 SSD line

The Nytro 5000 product line is an upgrade to Seagate’s existing XM1440 line of SSDs. These drives range in capacity from 400GB to 2TB. All use the M.2 interface. M.2 is a design that’s different from traditional SATA drives. A typical SATA SSD looks like a 2.5-inch hard disk and uses a SATA interface. M.2 is about the size of a stick of gum and plugs into the motherboard. 

The 5000 has more than just increased capacity. It can handle up to 67,000 random write IOPS vs. the 33,00 maximum IOPS for the XM1440. Endurance is 1.5 drive writes per day for five years for the endurance-optimized drive and 0.3 DWPD for the high capacity one. 

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