How artificial intelligence will self-manage the data center

The reality of a self-managing data center is getting closer with HPE’s announcement last week of what it claims to be the first artificial intelligence (AI) predictive engine for trouble in the data center.

HPE says next year it will offer an AI recommendation engine add-on that’s designed to predict and stop storage- and general-infrastructure trouble before it starts. It’s one of a number of autonomous data center components that we should expect to see soon from players. Other AI and machine learning systems geared towards data centers will be available from companies such as Litbit (which I wrote about in the summer) and Oracle, among others.

“Infrastructure solutions should utilize data science and machine learning,” HPE says in a white paper in which it attempts to explain why AI and machine learning are better at preventing downtime than humans.

Currently, IT workers have to constantly carry out “intricate forensic work to unravel the maze of issues that impact data delivery to applications.” That creates a bottleneck, HPE says.

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