Enterprises should be able to sell their excess internet capacity

Peer-to-peer exchanges of excess bandwidth could one day be commonplace, says a firm that is attempting to monetize redundant internet capacity. It wants to create a marketplace for selling internet data throughput that has been already bought by organizations, but which is often dormant during out-of-work hours — the bandwidth is customarily just lying around then, not being used.

Dove Network wants to “do to the telecom industry what Airbnb did to the hotel industry,” co-founder Douglas Schwartz told me via email.

The idea is that those with excess data capacity, such as a well-provisioned office or data center, which may not be using all of its throughput capacity all of the time — such as during the weekend — allocates that spare bandwidth to Dove’s network. Passing-by data-users, such as Internet of Things-based sensors or an individual going about business, would then grab the data it, he, or she needs; payment is then handled seamlessly through blockchain smart contracts.

“The Dove application will find the closest Dove-powered hotspot or peer node, negotiate the package deal, and connect automatically,” the company says in a white paper. Dove Network says it intends to supply a 500-yard-plus-range, blockchain-based wireless router to vendors. It’s also talking about longer-range access points in the future. Both solutions will allow relatively few organizations to sign up, yet still blanket urban areas with hotspots, it says.

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