Embrace the heat: Data center tips for summer operations

With the summer solstice in the rear view mirror, those of us north of the equator are preparing for the true summer heat to arrive in force this next month. While BBQs, boating, and your preferred beverage may be the first things on your mind for this next month, many folks in the data center world greet summer with a different attitude entirely. 

For starters, the period from June to August is Outage Season. Data from previous years shows more centers head offline during this time period than any other 3-month span of your calendar. This includes both poor performing infrastructure to full-scale outages. In addition, data center managers often fight higher energy bills due to hotter external temperatures that drive up the heat inside your facility.

Getting interrupted during your shift on the grill with a phone call from your CFO wondering where these sky-high energy costs are coming from likely isn’t part of your summer daydream. That said, savvy data center managers equipped with the right tools can navigate this part of the year without breaking a sweat (well, maybe not — more on that below). Here are a few tips to make sure you’re saving money and saving your vacation this summer:

Finish up spring cleaning

Though not as official as the Summer Solstice, spring cleaning offers IT teams the opportunity to nip problems in the bud. Spring’s a great time for teams to complete their annual or quarterly health management checks and identify which units are already operating in a less-than-efficient state before the heat wave arrives. It’s likely hardware already under-performing won’t improve with the heat on. Using real-time data and predictive analytics provided through an infrastructure management (DCIM) tool can help pinpoint where these problem areas are faster than time-intensive manual tests.

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