Data center migration in 7 steps

When it comes to cloud migration, what kind of adopter are you? Did you jump on the cloud bandwagon early? Are you lagging behind, without having tried to virtualize anything yet? Or are you in the mainstream, with a mix of clouds and some systems on premises?

In our cloud migration practice, we have found that each of these groups faces its own challenges. Early adopters are often unable to support their ambitious deployments, having discovered the limits of first-generation cloud systems. Laggards may realize the need to transform, but find themselves blocked by costs, resources and time. Most enterprises are in the mainstream. They have cobbled together a hybrid IT environment, but struggle with managing it all and moving forward.

The 7-step process

Depending upon where you stand on the cloud adoption cycle, you may be looking to recalibrate or embark or optimize. In any case, it’s a good idea to be deliberate. Data center modernization is a complicated and extensive process. Here’s what you should do at each stage of a migration:

1. Assess infrastructure

A crucial first step is to update your configuration management database (CMDB) or any other systems that track assets. Without that information, you cannot know what your infrastructure contains and what your current challenges might be. For a true transformation, you need 100 percent visibility. Over time, that visibility will likely slip and change, but when planning begins, it is crucial.

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