Data center cooling market set to explode in the coming years

The worldwide market for data center cooling equipment will reach $20 billion by 2024, a massive jump over the $8 billion spent in 2016. That is the finding of a report from Global Market Insights (GMI), which says cooling systems account for approximately 40 percent of the total energy consumption on average.

Data center operators have been obsessed with lowering their PUE, or power usage effectiveness, the ratio of power consumed by the hardware to power consumed to cool it. The problem is that while Intel, AMD and the rest of the component vendors obsess over lowering thermals and overall heat generated, the density of these servers is increasing.

The average data center cabinet used to be about 10 megawatts. With the rise of high performance computing (HPC), the advent of GPUs and both Intel and AMD going core crazy lately, density is rising. And now you regularly have racks consuming 50 megawatts of power or more, which translates into more heat.

CPUs are running hotter, GPUs have always run hot, and two-socket servers now have a dozen or more memory DIMMs, and they generate heat as well. The only hardware going in the opposite direction is storage. The advent of SSDs and the move away from 15,000/10,000 RPM drives has been a big help because SSDs, even running full out, generate hardly any heat at all.

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