Cisco’s M5 UCS servers take intent-based approach to data center

It’s not the server — it’s the system. That’s the word from Cisco as it rolls out its new, M5 generation Unified Computing System rack and blade servers, triggered by Intel’s release of the Xeon Scalable Processor platform.

Cisco’s new servers use the Xeon Scalable processors — unveiled Tuesday in New York — to fuel performance as well as increase server density and throughput.  But the value in the UCS product family lies in how the hardware works with configuration management and optimization software to make data centers run at peak efficiency, company officials say.

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Competitors in the data center market would likely agree with that system concept, but Cisco says it has the software and hardware now to start delivering on the promise of “intent-based” data center management.  The idea is that data center managers define usage policies and the desired state of the network and servers; then, software  automatically balances and reconfigures resources to get to that desired, optimal state. 

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