Cisco, Arista settle lawsuit, refocus battle on network, data center, switching arenas

After nearly four years of slashing at each other in court with legal swords Cisco and Arista have agreed to disagree, mostly.

To settle the litigation mêlée, Arista has agreed to pay Cisco $400 million, which will result in the dismissal of all pending district court and International Trade Commission litigation between the two companies. 

For Arista the agreement should finally end any customer fear, uncertainty and doubt caused by the lawsuit.  In fact Zacks Equity Research wrote the settlement is likely to immensely benefit Arista.

“The company is profiting from the expanding cloud networking market primarily driven by strong demand for scalable infrastructure, which has become a necessity to support new applications and services. Apart from delivering high capacity and availability, cloud networking promises predictable performance along with programmability that enable integration with third-party applications for network, management, automation, orchestration and network services,” Zacks wrote. 

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