Buildings should behave like humans

One must be able to walk into a room, including those in data centers, and not only access information about every facet of it, but also importantly, have it automatically solve all of its problems on its own.

Site 1001, which specializes in artificial intelligence-run facilities management systems, says the problem should be achieved through neural networks that copy how humans and animals think.

The company, a spin-off of JE Dunn Construction Co., demonstrated its all-listening, predictive building maintenance at CES 2018 last week. It says its big data, AI-driven system will ultimately produce smarter and healthier buildings.

One example demonstrated in mock-up form at the conference was an apparatus that could automatically determine when bacteria conditions in water systems were ripe for producing Legionnaires’ Disease. The IoT-driven infrastructure autonomously flushes the building’s plumbing system with pathogen-killing hot water, reporting back to the facilities manager that the relatively simple-to-perform — but hard to know when to do — job had been accomplished. It uses heat data from sensors to figure out when pathogens might form.

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