Apstra lands Tokyo Electron Device (TED) as first channel partner

Intent-based networking pioneer Apstra announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Tokyo Electron Device (TED) for the Japanese market.

For those who don’t know Apstra, the company came to market with an intent-based networking solution for the data center in June 2016. Since then, Cisco’s “Network Intuitive” launch, which was all about intent-based networking, has made intent-based networking a household term (at least for households with Cisco engineers in them). Cisco’s solution is focused at the campus and Apstra at the data center, but the two companies are working with the same vision of automating network operations using intent rather than manual processes.

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Tokyo-based TED may not be as well known as the foul-mouthed stuffed bear from the Mark Wahlberg movie that it shares the name, with but it is very well known in Silicon Valley circles. TED tends to live on the bleeding edge and was the first, or one of the first, resellers for many innovative start-ups, such as Arista, Nicira (now NSX at VMware) and FORE systems. Apstra certainly falls into the category of transformative vendors, so it makes sense that TED would be its first distribution partner.

How TED will help Apstra and Apstra customers

TED plays an obvious role in helping Apstra scale through broader distribution, but more important is TED’s systems integrator capabilities in helping customers get the product up and running. The target market for Apstra is webscale companies and large enterprises. Those are technically advanced organizations, but the concept of intent-based networking is still relatively new. Also, there can be a significant amount of upfront work to perform to get the solution working correctly, and TED can bring a wealth of best practices. Remember, intent-based networking operates on a closed-loop model where the telemetry information is constantly scanned and compared to the intent and then changes are made automatically.

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