AI boosts data center availability, efficiency

Artificial intelligence is set to play a bigger role in data-center operations as enterprises begin to adopt machine-learning technologies that have been tried and tested by larger data-center operators and colocation providers.

Today’s hybrid computing environments often span on-premise data centers, cloud and collocation sites, and edge computing deployments. And enterprises are finding that a traditional approach to managing data centers isn’t optimal. By using artificial intelligence, as played out through machine learning, there’s enormous potential to streamline the management of complex computing facilities.

AI in the data center, for now, revolves around using machine learning to monitor and automate the management of facility components such as power and power-distribution elements, cooling infrastructure, rack systems and physical security.

Inside data-center facilities, there are increasing numbers of sensors that are collecting data from devices including power back-up (UPS), power distribution units, switchgear and chillers. Data about these devices and their environment is parsed by machine-learning algorithms, which cull insights about performance and capacity, for example, and determine appropriate responses, such as changing a setting or sending an alert.  As conditions change, a machine-learning system learns from the changes – it’s essentially trained to self-adjust rather than rely on specific programming instructions to perform its tasks.

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