A new ARM-based server processor challenges for the data center

Former Intel executive Renee James, who could have been the CEO following the ouster of Brian Krzanich last June, has instead launched a broadside attack against her former employer in the form of Ampere Computing, a startup company that develops ARM-based chips for the data center.

Sound familiar? It’s what Cavium has been doing for some time — and gaining a good bit of momentum. However, the fields are still very green, and Ampere has more than enough room to grow.

Ampere is based in the Silicon Valley but has an office in Portland, Oregon, not far from Intel’s primary development facility in Hillsboro, and apparently Ampere has been picking up Intel employees left and right.

Ampere isn’t exactly starting from scratch. It acquired the X Gene Arm server processor business from MACOM, which in turn acquired that business from Applied Micro, which started out with its ARM server business back in 2011.

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