Wi-Fi as a service is after the IT department

Wi-Fi as a cloud-based subscription service is making moves to grab enterprise networking. The premise is that Wi-Fi is now so crucial to business and employees that companies have to ensure quality of service—even if that means bypassing the traditional networking and IT folks already on payroll and running networks.

“A growing number of companies are deciding that Wi-Fi is too important not to be handled by experts, and for that reason they are outsourcing it,” said RCR Wireless News, which has been writing about managed service provider (MSP) vendor KodaCloud. KodaCloud published a press release this week saying major staffing firm EmployBridge had just bought its subscription Wi-Fi service.

Cloud Wi-Fi

Offering enterprise customers a “Cloud Service Wi-Fi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)” is KodaCloud’s plan, it explained in a press release announcing its emergence from stealth. (VC investments include Comcast Ventures, Celtic House and Voyager Capital.)

The company then explained that it manages over 500 Wi-Fi access points and had signed up 100 MSPs to market its subscription access point service. MSPs supply Wi-Fi networks to large customers, such as hotels. They often don’t charge the customer for capital-intensive equipment—their business is based on fees. KodaCloud claims to do it all cheaper through centrally managed AI and IT in the cloud.

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