What’s keeping enterprises from using G Suite?

While Google has spent the past year trying to woo enterprises to its G Suite productivity apps, it’s still the underdog compared to Microsoft Office, at least among large businesses. So what’s keeping it from broader appeal?

One of the biggest hurdles for Google achieving broader enterprise adoption is just the fact that the company’s products aren’t identical to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other Microsoft Office apps, Gartner Senior Research Analyst Joe Mariano said.

“Enterprises have been ingrained in the Microsoft stack for essentially the beginning of time, it feels like,” Mariano said. “[Enterprises] have problems shifting away from that, because they have a lot of investments, either in customizations or how they’re using the tools.”

Office has been the dominant productivity suite in the enterprise for decades, with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook making up key parts of businesses’ everyday workflows. Google has a tough road ahead of it supplanting those applications.

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