The Google Cloud Platform won’t box you in

Sam Ramji, who joined Google about six months ago as VP of Product Management for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), has deep roots in open source:  He was the founding CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation and he designed and led Microsoft’s open source strategy.  Network World Editor in Chief John Dix sat down with Ramji at the recent Red Hat Summit in Boston to discuss how Google is trying to differentiate its cloud service.


Sam Ramji, VP of Product Management for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

How would you characterize where Google is at this point with cloud?

I’d say we’re very serious about enterprise and you can see the changes we’ve made, from network connectivity to on-premise services or supporting a particular standard like HIPAA. We just got our ISO 27001 certification, which required an enormous amount of effort. It’s been a big shift over the last couple of years to focus on the regulatory needs of enterprises, to focus on security, last mile connectivity, etc. It’s a big change for us.

What’s the near-term challenge?  Scaling it out, completing the stack, earning your enterprise chops?

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