PureSec picks up investment because serverless is exciting

While in Israel late last year, I caught up with Shaked Zin and Avi Shulman, co-founders of security company PureSec. PureSec was in a bit of a conundrum. It was doing important work but in a space that was still nascent: serverless computing. As such, it was having a hard time both articulating its value proposition and getting investors to understand and commit to their story.

I found this conundrum interesting. Serverless computing is, after all, pretty high on the hype cycle. Ever since Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced the notion of serverless via its Lambda offering a few years ago, all vendors have been rushing to commercialize their own serverless offering.

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For those not au fait with the term, serverless is a new architecture based on ephemeral compute power that comes into existence on request and disappears immediately after use. Traditional cloud computing, on the other hand, requires organizations to rent virtual servers and put effort and resources into their management as part of the application development process. In serverless computing, each function is a “nano service” that requires no management on the part of the customer.

Since I’m excited by serverless, I was happy to spend time with a company building solutions specifically for serverless. I was also excited by the resumes of the founders. Zin, who is CEO, and Shulman, the company’s CTO, gained their cybersecurity background while in the Israeli ministry of defense. Shulman is a cybersecurity expert and brings vast experience from innovative security startups and F5 Networks. Zin graduated the elite training program “Havatzalot,” which is aimed at developing intelligence and technological leadership.

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