NetApp partners with Google for cloud-native file-storage service

NetApp is expanding its cloud data services range through a new partnership with Google that integrates NetApp’s flash-powered data services with Google’s cloud platform.

Announced today, NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform is a fully-managed storage service that’s designed to make it easier for the companies’ joint customers to run new and existing workloads in the cloud. The cloud-native file storage service links NetApp’s data services with Google Cloud’s application development, analytics and machine learning functions with a goal of speeding access to resources and simplifying management.

At the same time, NetApp rolled out a new high-end enterprise all-flash storage array and updated its ONTAP enterprise data management software. Software advances target increased data retention compliance, and new machine learning-driven analytics are aimed at reducing capacity costs.

NetApp’s partnership with Google follows similar deals with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

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