Mega increase in cloud adoption underway

No matter how you look at it, the cloud is growing fast.

To compare the market’s growth to the rest of IT, cloud computing is expanding seven times faster than non-cloud computing, according to a report from IDC released on February 21.

To gauge the business decision-maker, the State of the cloud Survey gives us a good sense of how adoption decisions are changing, along with other internal insights. The 2017 version of the poll, based on the responses of 1,002 IT executives, found that the concerns related to cloud that have held back a higher degree of adoption are taking a nosedive. While 32% listed lacking expertise and resources as a top challenge last year, that number dropped to 25% this year.

Security worries are also headed south, dropping from 29 to 25% from 2016 to 2017 (understandable given the strong vocal advocacy for cloud security in recent press). The poll also found that the drop in worries was reflected in the choice of cloud for large portions of organizations’ IT needs: an incredible 81% of the workloads processed by companies assessed in the poll are handled in cloud, 38% of it private and 41% public (while those figures are 43% and 32% for enterprises, respectively).

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