Juniper’s new products help prepare networks for hybrid, multi-cloud

Earlier this week, Juniper Networks announced a bevvy of new networking products. (Note: Juniper Networks is a client of ZK Research.) In his blog post about the products, Andy Patrizio did an effective job covering the basics of the news. But left out some important points, and I wanted to make sure those got called out, including Juniper’s tagline “multi-cloud ready.”  

Hybrid, multi-cloud is inevitable 

As I’ve pointed out in many of my posts, hybrid multi-cloud environments are inevitable for most organizations. Small businesses may be able to build an IT strategy that is all public cloud, but any large company is going to choose a mix of private and public clouds.

The reality for those large companies, though, is no matter how great their desire to achieve the utopian state of hybrid, multi-cloud, they just aren’t ready to make that leap. These cycles can take a long time and will require some combination of infrastructure upgrades, organization realignment, skills retraining and new technologies.

The updates to Juniper’s portfolio allow customers to upgrade their network today to keep up with bandwidth demands, and then gracefully transition to a more cloudy business when they are ready. Juniper CTO Bikash Koley talked about this challenge at length at the company’s NXTWORK user conference held at the end of 2017, and now the company is backing up that talk with some products.

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