Juniper’s Cloud-Grade networking aims to deliver network agility

There should be no question in anyone’s mind that the cloud era has arrived. Businesses are adopting the cloud at an unprecedented rate and by 2020, the number of cloud workloads will be on par with the number of on-premises ones.

Businesses of all sizes are turning to the cloud to help them become digital by increasing the level of agility. To be an agile business, though, the entire network stack—from the network through applications must be agile.

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However, organizations are also more cost conscious than ever, so whatever solution is deployed must save money in addition to making the network more dynamic. 

Last week, Juniper Networks announced its “Cloud-Grade” network offerings, which brings together carrier-grade reliability and enterprise-class control and usability to bring a new approach to how applications are secured, delivered and managed. Specifically, Juniper has brought together telemetry and machine learning capabilities from its carrier business with ease of use and automation from enterprise products.

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