IoT hype cycle antidote: Sitting with the engineers

Google’s former HR chief, Jonathan Rosenberg recounts in his book How Google Works a story about CEO Larry Page’s response to an MBA employee’s PowerPoint product plan. Page told the MBA, “Go sit with the engineers.”

Page’s point: An effective new product plan can be created only if the engineering details are understood.

Along this line of thinking, I spoke with Joe Biron, Internet of Things CTO at PTC, because the company has staked its future on IoT, and Biron has a decade of IoT engineering experience. PTC’s mature businesses, mechanical design, and product lifecycle management are closely related to the company’s industrial IoT business, where the company is focused for growth.


Joe Biron, IoT CTO at PTC

In the IoT field, PTC is best known for ThingWorx, a platform for the rapid development of applications designed for smart, connected sensors, devices and products. PTC has positioned ThingWorx as the necessary picks and shovels to the miners of the IoT gold rush. 

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