How the hybrid cloud has made the digital transformation possible

Competition in the 21st Century economy is fierce. Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever, as we all carry around more computing power in our pockets than Neil Armstrong took to the moon—and potential customers pay attention to differentiated experiences. Increasingly for all businesses, investing in agile software development is a way to achieve that differentiation.

In other words, in the 21st Century, every business is a software business.

All that software that’s enabling this transformation toward digital experiences has to run somewhere, and it turns out a hybrid cloud strategy gives businesses maximum choice when it comes to what runs where.

Agile software development: Getting more at-bats

Why are businesses turning to agile software development to get the attention of potential customers? Fundamentally, because it’s soft. Meaning, it can be changed quickly and inexpensively compared to the lead time necessary for some physical devices.

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