How organizations are using Microsoft’s on-premises cloud platform

Microsoft’s on-premise Azure cloud platform, Azure Stack, has now been embedded in real-world, core business environments with early adopters validating business use cases that require secured and host environments.  Here are some of the current uses of Azure Stack that are deployed in enterprises.


Azure Stack in healthcare

Healthcare organizations have been a prime candidate for Azure Stack as they fit the model of having large (extremely large!) sets of data and customers, and also face regulatory policies and protection aimed at securing the data being transacted.  Azure Stack fits the mold of providing healthcare organizations the cloud-scale that they wish to achieve, in a protected, managed and secured environment.

Beyond simply providing cloud-scale operations of Azure on-premise, Azure Stack has also enabled healthcare providers to leverage Azure (public) for application development and the flexibility to host applications on the on-premises, secured environment.  Public cloud provides a wonderful platform for application development, allowing an organization to code, develop, test, rollback, retest and start all over on platform systems.

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