Google cloud storage gets a boost with managed NAS service

Google is adding to its cloud storage portfolio with the debut of a network attached storage (NAS) service.

Google Cloud Filestore is managed file storage for applications that require a file system interface and shared file system for data. It lets users stand up managed NAS with their Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine instances, promising high throughput, low latency and high IOPS.

The managed NAS option brings file storage capabilities to Google Cloud Platform for the first time. Google’s cloud storage portfolio already includes Persistent Disk, a network-attached block storage service, and Google Cloud Storage, a distributed system for object storage. Cloud Filestore fills the need for file workloads, says Dominic Preuss, director of product management at Google Cloud.

“You can only attach one VM to Persistent Disk. With [Google Cloud Storage] object storage, you can have a bunch of things read it, but it doesn’t have the transactional semantics of a file system. Cloud Filestore is the intermediate of those two: you can have multiple VMs speak to it, and it has transactional properties of a file system.”

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