Five predictions for the hybrid cloud market in 2018


Despite the public cloud seemingly grabbing the lion’s share of attention in the cloud market, private and hybrid cloud computing markets have been growing robustly as well and experts predict they will only gain importance in 2018 and beyond.

“Few companies have enjoyed the expected benefits of private infrastructure-focused clouds, but a renewed focus on developer empowerment, stepping into cloud on-premises first, and a raft of new tech stack (will) spark new private cloud interest and experimentation,” Forrester research analyst Dave Bartoletti and colleagues predict in their 2018 look-ahead for the cloud market.  

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There’s data to back up the prediction: Research firm IDC estimates that traditional data centers this year accounted for 62% of IT infrastructure spending, with 23% of the market going to public cloud and 15% going to private cloud. By 2020, data centers will drop to account for 50% of the market with public cloud at just under a third of the market and private cloud capturing 20%. Translation: Data centers are becoming less important and public and private cloud are both growing to becoming more important.

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