Early version of Windows 10 Cloud leaked

An early version of Windows 10 Cloud, the rumored new operating system believed to be a resurrected revision of Windows RT, has leaked online and confirmed most of the rumors and suspicions about the still-in-development operating system. 

An installable ISO of a Windows 10 Cloud build was leaked by Twitter user @adguard, which you can install. But considering it comes from Russia, I wouldn’t trust it, except maybe on a virtual machine that’s sandboxed and immediately deletable. 

It was suspected that Windows 10 Cloud will be a revamped version of Microsoft’s failed Window RT, the ARM-based tablet OS that would only run apps from the Windows Store. It turns out this is indeed the case, only the app option is expanded somewhat to run Universal Windows Platform apps from the Windows Store. 

The folks over at MSPowerUser got their hands on a build and tried to install Visual Studio Code, a Win32 app, Windows 10 Cloud rejected it with an alert that said the app “isn’t designed for this version of Windows.” Also, the dialog box states that “this version [Windows 10 Cloud] was made to help protect you and your device by exclusively running Windows Store apps.” 

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