Cost-savings theme pervades IBM storage news

A flurry of storage announcements from IBM share a common theme: Helping customers achieve greater efficiency and wring cost savings from their multitier, multi-cloud storage environments.

Anchoring the news is IBM Storage Insights, a new AI and cloud-based storage management platform that’s designed to give users a fast view of storage capacity and performance, as well as make tiering recommendations to help cut storage costs. A single dashboard shows the status of block storage and captures trend information.

“Imagine you have an up-to-the-second event feed where you can see everything happening, not just on one of your arrays but across your entire environment,” said Sam Werner, vice president of offering management for IBM’s software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and storage software.

Storage Insights parses storage health information to help identify less-than-optimal configurations. IBM uses machine learning to dissect usage and performance data that’s amassed from storage gear deployed by its customers. Analyzing the data reveals application and workload patterns, which inform best practices that customers can reference to optimize their own gear.

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