Cloud-native architectures will be the default soon

Cloud-native architectures will become the default option for customer-facing applications by 2020, according to a new study from IT consultancy Capgemini, Cloud Native Comes of Age. However, that move is predicated on whether the business leaders will allow it.

Capgemini surveyed more than 900 senior professionals across 11 countries and found that 15 percent of new enterprise applications are cloud-native today, and that figure will jump to 32 percent by 2020.

The main reasons for the shift to cloud-native apps was a desire to improve velocity (74 percent), collaboration (70 percent) and improved customer experience (67 percent). Companies with strong cloud practices leadership are taking the lead in this trend, using agile and DevOps methodologies and automated app deployment.

These companies are also more likely to have a growth-focused attitude towards IT functions, with improving customer experience (90 percent), business agility (87 percent) and scalability (85 percent) viewed as higher priorities than reducing costs (79 percent).

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