Cloud helps Elon Musk further his audacious goals

There are some people whose vision of the future simply defy words. I would put Elon Musk firmly in the category – changing the world through a single initiative isn’t Musk’s style, rather, he wants to deliver his vision of the future across multiple areas. Space travel? Check. Hyper-efficient terrestrial transportation? Also check. Personal automobiles that challenge both existing business and technology models? Check. Solar power with new economics and scale? Also check. While many would question his political leanings, there is no denying that Musk is a genius.

I’ve never met Musk, but watching him speak it is obvious that this is one visionary who not only sees a “bigger picture” for the future of humanity, but he also deeply understands the technology constraints and opportunities that will deliver the future. Which is an inspiring thing to watch, but which also places huge challenges upon the individuals who need to deliver that work. By extension, it also pushes the boundaries of what existing technologies can do.

An example of this is the advanced engineering modeling and planning that Musk’s various projects (Space-X, Hyperloop, Tesla, SolarCity) require. One example of this at a grass-roots level is the fluid dynamics around the fuselage of the Hyperloop vehicle. This is a vehicle which is reworking the way a transportation vehicle operates and using new approaches toward suspension, propulsion, levitation and braking – there’s a whole heap of analysis that is required there.

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