Cisco embraces Kubernetes, pushing container software into mainstream

Cisco this week took big steps toward helping customers deploy, monitor and manage on-premises and public-cloud production-ready Kubernetes-based container applications.

Kubernetes, originally designed by Google, is an open-source-based system for developing and orchestrating containerized applications. Containers can be deployed across multiple server hosts and Kubernetes orchestration lets customers build application services that span multiple containers, schedule those containers across a cluster, scale those containers and manage the container health. 

Because the technology is still relatively new, Cisco says organizations are still challenged to efficiently and confidently utilize Kubernetes as they modernize legacy applications and develop new cloud applications.

Tie into that the fact existing open source monitoring and orchestration tools are often siloed and have not been joined into enterprise monitoring and orchestration suites, enterprise customers end up being open-source-application integrators, which may not be their strong suit, says Dave Cope, Sr. Director of Cloud Products and Solutions Market Development for Cisco’s Cloud Platform and Solutions Group.

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