Cisco aims to simplify multi-cloud deployments

One general rule of thumb I have with respect to technology deployments is that the solution to a problem should be simpler than the original problem itself. Unfortunately, we often forget that in IT and have significantly more problems after implementing a solution than we did before. 

Virtualization is a great example of this. Early in the rise of VMware, server admins would often tell me that the number of virtual machines and complexity was significantly higher than it was pre-server consolidation. Eventually, the good folks at VMware built vCenter, and it brought some manageability to large VMware shops.

The same thing can be said for cloud computing. Many businesses adopt cloud so they can simplify and speed up development cycles. If all the company did was shift all of their on-premises data, compute cycles and development tools to a single cloud provider, it might indeed make things simpler.

But that’s typically not the case. Using a single cloud provider simply doesn’t make sense, and almost every business I work with is planning to deploy a hybrid cloud and use multiple cloud providers. There will be no global domination for Amazon, Microsoft or Google. The norm will be hybrid, multi-cloud, which could significantly increase the complexity of the cloud.

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