Amazon, VMware rumored to be developing data center software

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware are reportedly in talks about possibly teaming up to develop data center software products, according to The Information, which cited anonymous sources.

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t have much if any detail on what that product would be. The speculation is it might be a stack-like product, since VMware already provides what would be the base software for such a product and stacks are becoming the in thing.

Already there is OpenStack, the open-source product that runs cloud services in a data center, and Microsoft just shipped Azure Stack, its answer to OpenStack that will allow the same features of its Azure public cloud to run within a company’s private data center.

Google, which has been an also-ran in the cloud market for some time, made a similar move by partnering with Nutanix, a hyperconverged infrastructure vendor that is coming up fast in the market and likely an acquisition target. Their deal promised an easy way to merge Nutanix infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform. 

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