Amazon denies reports it is targeting the network switch market

Amazon Web Services has denied publicly and privately to Cisco that it is targeting Cisco’s bread-and-butter network switching market after a report emerged a few days ago claiming AWS was intending to do just that.

A report in The Information last Friday said AWS was preparing to enter the network switching market, using off-brand “white box” products powered by open-source software. The news quickly made the rounds on Monday, when everyone started paying attention (including me), and the result was a big hit to Cisco’s stock.

But within days came the denial. A Cisco spokesperson told Business Insider that AWS CEO Andy Jassy told Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins that AWS is not “actively building a commercial network switch.”

“Commercial” is the weasel word here. AWS could still be designing some kind of hardware, just not one that competes with Cisco products (and HPE, and Juniper, and Cumulus).

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