Time for facility inspections to become digital

Whether your company owns or manages property, inspections are an absolute must to keep everything running smoothly. Inspections keep residents happy and can play a critical role in avoiding unfortunate mishaps.

Unfortunately, facility inspections are often held back by outdated, inefficient paper-based forms, or maybe an Excel spreadsheet on a laptop. These slow and plodding processes are not only inefficient, but they fail to leverage the business benefits a robust mobile platform provides.

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Facility inspections aren’t about slogging through a list of issues and hoping you don’t notice anything amiss. They’re about creating and maintaining best practices to keep facilities in such excellent repair as to minimize labor and maximize output. Instead of putting off inspections to avoid facing the music, the way someone running low on cash puts off checking their bank balance until they’re overdrawn, facility owners and managers should perform regular, diligent, thorough inspections to maximize the value of the inspection practice and maintain quality standards that prevent serious issues.

Inspections are the key to proper maintenance, and as such, their value is impossible to overstate. I don’t just mean the value of peace of mind and satisfied customers or renters—which are themselves priceless. I mean cold hard cash, and lots of it. Every inspection is a chance to catch problems that could cost thousands of dollars (or hundreds of thousands and beyond) if left unrepaired for too long. Inspections can pinpoint potential safety hazards that—if not addressed—could lead to massive punitive damages. Just the act of performing regular inspections can prove due diligence and responsible stewardship to a court to fend off accusations of negligence.

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