The 5 things I hate about CRM systems

This article was inspired by a post on Facebook by Ben Parr, former co-editor of Mashable. What he wrote hit a nerve with me—a nerve as raw as any of Lewis Black’s—evoking my tirade. Parr posted:

 “Favorite CRM software and why?”

I replied, “They all pretty much suck and have since Siebel Systems invented it.”

Let’s start with platform companies like Google and Square Payments that do not generally use CRM systems and rarely use call centers. These companies understand that any CRM system will collapse at scale, so they build well-designed web-facing responsive self-service systems as part of the product design. 

I reviewed Square’s credit card dashboard three years ago, and it was exquisitely designed and implemented. Recently, I revisited it, and it is even better. Square hired good designers who eliminated the reasons to call them and gave users the ability to solve their own problems.

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