Tech majority disagrees with AI warnings from Hawkings, Musk and Gates

Tech star personalities Stephen Hawkings, Elon Musk and Bill Gates warned the public about artificial intelligence (AI). The tech-oriented public and AI experts disagree, though, according to a recent research paper, “Tweeting AI: Perceptions of AI-Tweeters (AIT) vs Expert AI-Tweeters (EAIT),” (pdf) published by researchers at the School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University.

 One of the insights from this work, extracted from the tweets analyzed:

“Co-occurring patterns tell us that AIT are in general fantasizing about the future whereas EAIT are grounded and realistic.”

Study authors used statistical analysis, sentiment analysis and machine learning to learn this insight and summarize the study with the conclusions below.

1. Tweets about AI are overall more positive compared to the general tweets. Despite the overall negative sentiment of Twitter, overall the 2.3 million tweets analyzed about AI are positive by a large margin. The researchers found 65 percent positive sentiment of this sample from the Twitter firehose compared to the negative overall negative Twitter sentiment reported by Microsoft and Cornell researchers in a 2011 Association for Computing Machinery research paper.

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