Star Wars Holochess can become a reality thanks to Vuforia and Tango

Over 25 percent of the 500 companies surveyed by IDC are testing augmented reality (AR) prototypes. Much of this interest, however, is stuck in the prototype stage because most hardware platforms are prototypes and many of the tools needed to build the killer app to move into production are still under development.

Vuforia adds an important piece to the AR toolchain puzzle, though, with its announcement today of Smart Terrain for Google’s Tango tablet.

Smart Terrain, announced in conjunction with Google and Unity3D during the opening keynote at the Vision VR/ AR Summit, builds on two mature components of AR: Vuforia’s early experience solving a very specific AR development problem and Google Tango, which looks like the first AR platform ready to emerge from prototype status and become a mainstream platform.

Vuforia started working on solving the problem of how to create content that interacts with the AR device’s sensors to augment the reality in the user’s field of view with dynamic content. One of the AR apps most familiar to consumers is Wayfair’s interior design app that lets users overlay rooms in reality with virtual designs, dropping virtual objects such as furniture into the field of view to see an accurate and realistic rendering of the object in the room. Vuforia builds on this concept, with one significant difference, the objects can be dynamic. The best way to explain the capability is with this short 1-minute, 33-second video by Vuforia.

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