Speed up slow web pages with this simple trick

Increasing the size of images and text will speed up web page delivery, say scientists. This counter-intuitive idea has been put forward as a solution to latency in browser page loading.

The reason the idea works, in theory at least, is that the larger image pushes subsequent, following images farther down the page and out of the browser’s work area. Consequently the browser has less to do, pulls less data and provides a faster delivery of content.

The researchers, who are from Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, say this fiendishly simple idea will work particularly well for developers working with airplane networks, where it will stop browsers struggling to load a page. Airplane Wi-Fi can be hindered by latency, they explain.

“Most websites are crammed with images, fonts, videos, social sharing buttons, links, and more,” the researchers say in their announcement.

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