Raspberry Pi Roundup: Pi-se of the Machines, keeping the ball up, and GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL

The Raspberry Pi is a computer of relatively modest raw capability, but it’s limited much more by our own creativity than it is by its hardware. We’ve seen Pis be everything from video game emulators to fantastic wedding proposal aides to fruit sniffers. Sure, it’s not a powerhouse, but that’s missing the point.

After all, according to Facebook’s announcements this week ahead of the company’s F8 conference in San Jose, the freaking thing can handle Facebook’s newly open source Caffe2 AI framework – so it’ll be able to take over the world, in addition to serving as a nifty voice-activated garage door opener.

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Caffe2 is significantly faster than the initial version, and it’s heavily optimized to take advantage of lighter hardware like mobile devices and Raspberry Pis. It’s got some pre-made AI models available already, if you’re of a developing bent and you’d like to tinker.

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