Proving how bad enterprise software really is, Knoa delivers visibility

I have written at length about just how bad many legacy enterprise software products are. I was reminded about this recently when raising an invoice for one particular client. This client is an enterprise technology vendor, with some of the best software tools on the planet and extensive conceptual videos detailing just how its platforms enable enterprise application users to be as efficient as they are with their consumer technology tools.

Alas, the reality of the internal tools that this particular vendor uses was very different from the hype. The task of raising a single invoice—a seemingly simple job—took on absolutely epic proportions with deep operating system and browser requirements, poor user experience, and, fundamentally, a system that didn’t work. I came away, once again feeling nothing but sympathy for my friends who have to use these systems on a day-to-day basis.

So, I was interested to receive an email from Knoa Software, a company I’d not heard of before.

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Knoa’s reason for being is to enable businesses to see exactly how their employees interact with their software suites. Knoa can identify shortcuts and workarounds that users are forced to employ when the software proves inefficient, and it can identify activity that leads to errors and applications that are never used.

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