OPNFV “Danube” upgrade looks to spur open source NFV expansion

Looking to drive the use of Network Functions Virtualization, the OPNFV project this week released the fourth version of its open source platform, known as Danube, that promises to help large organizations and service providers get a better handle on virtualization, SDN and cloud services.

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Heather Kirksey, director, OPNFV said Danube melds a ton of work that has been done around NFV and brings DevOps methodologies to NFV. “It brings together full next-gen networking stacks in an open, collaborative environment. By harnessing work with upstream communities into an open, iterative testing and deployment domain, we’re delivering the capabilities that truly enable NFV,” Kirksey said.

The purpose of OPNFV was not to create a separate platform for NFV, but to integrate NFV features across the stack while identifying gapsa role that, with Danube, is clearly taking shape, the group stated.

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